Install Trimble Extensions

Using the Connected Project feature, you can create a project in Trimble Connect and enable one or more extensions to automatically connect to and create a copy of the project in Trimble®  WorksManager, Trimble WorksOS, and/or Trimble Quadri, thereby making a ‘connected project’ in the applications. The boundary, coordinate reference system (CRS), and users/members you set up in your Trimble Connect project are copied to the project in the other applications. These apps can then share data directly back to Connect, eliminating file transfer inefficiencies. Once you have created a connected project, you can perform a variety of office-to-field (design-to-construction) workflows. 

Configuring the extension

1. To the right of the extension toggle, click the Extension Configuration icon.

2. Under Quadri Shared Model > Extension Settings, select a:

3. Under Shared Settings, verify that the project boundary and CRS are correct. If not, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page, and Choose Feature Catalog standard.

4. In the upper right, click Save and Enable.

Once Quadri has been enabled, you should confirm or update which of your team members have access to the connected project. You can also join a connected project from Quadri.