Send Crash Report

When Support asks you to SEND CRASH REPORT

This is an example to how you should fill out a crash report with necessary info.

Summary: Crash when importing DWG file


I have tested the DWG in my CAD-software without it crashing or having any issues.

In this case it would be helpful to also attach the DWG-file. There is an option for this in the dialog.

In cases where we have a clear answer to the solve the issue it would be practical for all parties that we can contact you. Please leave your contact info when sending the crash report.

Sending a crash report is not the same as sending a support case to If you need immediate help with your problem you need to make a support case.

If you contact the support team regarding this issue, then notify them that you sent a crash report, and note the time the crash report was sent to us so our team can find it.