Import QuadriG1/TMG

Import terrain models from Novapoint 18.x and previous versions. This is done by the same basic procedure as described here.

TMG import has in addition to setting the Feature Existence, Elevation, and Quality, the possibility of adding filters to the input process. There are three main filter mechanisms that you can choose, Groups and feature codes, Alignments only, and All.

Groups and Feature Codes

Here you can select which groups to import. When choosing the group, there is also a possibility to filter additionally upon the selected groups by selecting/deselecting feature codes. All the alignments that are connected to the group number, are also imported.


You have two groups: 40 and 50, as well as three feature codes 1, 2, and 3 in the file, and only want group 40 with feature codes 1 and 2.

In order to do so, you tick on group 40, as well as feature codes 1 and 2. Also under the group folder, there is a possibility to select/deselect the triangulation of the groups.

Alignments Only

If chosen, only alignments are imported. You can also select which alignment you want to import.


If chosen, all the data is imported from the file (same as no filtering).

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