Errors in Process Info

The Process Window (Process Info ) is a list over messages from Quadri for Windows. They can be labelled as:

Messages with level "Error" can stop sharing from completing. If you get a message stating that an object is invalid, you need to fix or delete that object.

To select it, double click the line in the Process Window with the error message. When the object is selected, you can see in the Properties Window (Properties ) which task it belongs to.

To check for illegal objects without starting a share, right click the cloud symbol in the Quadri Explorer Window (Explorer ) and select "Validate".

You need to check out where the objects originate and decide how to handle the problems accordingly.

Imported objects

Either you need to get a better file to import from, delete the objects that get imported with errors or you need to work with the conversion rules, to handle the kind of object giving trouble in a better way.

Objects created with Quadri modules

Either you simply delete the objects or see if you can find any help on for the module that created the failing objects. If you don't find any workaround, contact Trimble Support.