Cleaning Up your Worksets

If you have downloaded several worksets for the same projects, it is easy to get confused about what happens. Reservations are stored in a workset and only valid in that workset. So if you restart Quadri for Windows and happen to open another workset for the same project, you may be confused that your reservations seem gone.

We recommend always to have only 1 workset for the same project on one pc. If you switch between different pcs, you can have a workset on each of them. But then you should release all reservations on one before you change to another and continue working. Even if you were the one doing the reservation, it will only be valid for the workset you reserved with.

Worksets are stored in the placement selected in "Settings" for Quadri for Windows (see alternative 3 in: Find the location of a workset).

If you have several worksets on your pc and want to clean things up: