Operation failed

While running a server operation (Receive/Reserve/Share/Release)

Look closer at the error text in the dialog. If it contains the words: "Sequence does not exist", Trimble Support needs to correct an error in the database on the server. This happens after upgrading old Quadri models with earlier versions of Quadri Server. Send en email to Trimble Support, describing the error and which server and model has this problem.

If the message is: "Error occured while sending the request", the server for this project has probably been moved. See Updating server parameters .

If the error says "IO error" and you are running Quadri for Windows 2023.4 or 2023.4a, go to "Options" (click the three lines in the upper, left corner og Quadri for Windows), "Model server" and uncheck "Enable Background Receive".

If it is "Data Ocean download response failed": check your %TMP% environment variable. If it contains letters like æøå or other national specific characters, change %TMP% to be without any such characters. Do a search on your Windows version and "environment variables" to find out how to set this.

If the message is "Object has invalid geometry", then that is the problem. If it is a Receive operation, you need to  Write to Support. For other operations: You will find the ID of the object in the process window. To select it, you can either double click the message in the process window, or right click the workset's cloud symbol in Quadri Explorer and select "Go to Object ID". Then you can see which task the object came from and decide what to do.

While opening workset (Loading "WorksetName" failed)

When opening workset, you can get the error message:

Operation failed

Loading "WorksetName" failed

Couldn't read model WorksetName (120009/200048)

This means there is an error in the workset that requires you to send in the workset to support if you want to continue working with it. You need only to send the backup file. Please edit the text and specify which client version you have been using in this project: Find the client version. Also include the description "Netelement error", so Support knows which problem this is.

After sending in the workset to support, you will receive a fixed and zipped version of the GDD file. You need to unpack this and replace the GDD file you have with the one you receive. The file is located where the workset is: Find location of workset.

If you rather would loose all unsaved changes, you can also disconnect the workset and download a new.

If people in the project are using Water & Sewer, please refer them to follow these Best Practices to reduce the problem from occuring.

While opening workset

Missing attachments:

If the message says that the workset could not be opened because of missing task attachments (even though the files are there), the path to the workset might be too long. Find out where the workset is located: Find the Location of a Workset . Open that directory in Windows Explorer. See if you can rename any of the directories the workset is located in. Then use "Open single user model" and point to the QuadriModel file to open the workset again.

Other cases:

First, try simply to press "OK" in the dialog and things might be fine.

If not, you can try the following steps:

610000514 = D:\Qg4\MyUser\EB4BA7CD2B7740D3A3ECC4155E1283\Job\7\3\MyFC.dat

While sharing

Attached file is missing


This error can sometimes be fixed by creating a dummy text file without content with the name that Quadri can't find. If that doesn't help, try to find the task that has created the missing file. E.g.: if the file NewRoad.dmi is missing, enter "NewRoad" in the search field in Quadri Explorer window and see if you find a road task named "NewRoad". Then try to open and run this again and see if the files come back in place.