Get Started

Topics in this chapter

Build Your Understanding - Build familiarity with the features and benefits of Quadri and its connectors to other software through slides, videos, custom demonstrations from Trimble staff, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Then see how other customers have achieved their goals using Quadri. 

Get Up and Running - Get started by downloading Quadri and one or more connectors to other software. Review system requirements and installation guides to help you along the way. Then set up a Trimble Identity and learn how to use Trimble Civil Product Services. To create a connected project, launch Trimble Connect. 

Get Training - Continue learning how to use Quadri by watching demo videos, joining the Quadri user community, and taking courses on

Also see Troubleshooting - When you have questions, your best sources are the help and the Quadri page in the Trimble Community. For bugs and other issues, Technical Support is available.