Something went wrong

This is a general error. Look at the next line of the message to search for a solution below.

Server returned HTTP status code 400 (Bad request)

Check this: OneDrive 

Server returned HTTP status code 403 (Forbidden)

Upgrade to latest version.

Internal server error (500)

If the error includes the text:

We attempted to locate the project for this workset...

Then the project has most likely been migrated to a Trimble Connect project. To see how to handle this: Migrate to a connected project 

If you see the following in the error message:

Sequence does not exist

then it is probably a failed upgrade from Quadri 2 to Quadri 3. You need to contact support with the schemaname (Q_XXX), server name and the keyword "Sequence does not exist".

If the error message includes the text:

SQL: INSERT INTO qmsys.result_objects

then support has to handle this. Contact support with the schemaname (Q_XXX) you see in the message and the keyword "result_objects".

If the error messages includes the text:

ORA-00001: unique constraint Q_XXXX.SYS_C.... violated


then there is some mismatch between reservations and deleted worksets. These reservations need to be cleaned manually by support. Send email to support with the schemaname (Q_XXX) and the keywords "ORA-0001" and "RESERVATIONPACKAGE".

Another possibility is if you see this text in the error message:

Topology association information corrupted

Then an error has been shared to the server and must be fixed by Trimble Support. Send the name of the server and the schema (Q_XXX) and the keyword "Topology association".

If you see the text: "The task you were trying to retrieve does not exist", check: The task you where trying to receive does not exist 

Server returned HTTP status code 503 (Server unavailable)

This can happen in older versions of Quadri for Windows if the program has been active more than 1 hour. Try to restart Quadri for Windows to see if it helps. If it does, you should upgrade your Quadri for Windows to avoid getting this problem again.

This server can not be reached because of communication problems

Look further down in the message and see if it says something like: "The remote name could not be resolved". This means the workset has the wrong server address. This can happen if the server has been moved. See: Updating server parameters .

If you can't find such a message and things have been working before, this might be a temporary problem with your local network or some internet problem between you and the Quadri server. If this is a new installation, you might to check your firewall settings.