Send Log Files

When Support asks you to SEND LOG FILES

In case of a crash in the system or problems with sharing to server we want you to send us log files that are stored on the %TEMP% folder on your computer. We need you to zip them and send them to us. Please note that we need the files from 2 different placements!

Please perform these three steps:

For Quadri for Windows or Novapoint log files

Quadri 2020: 21.00

Quadri 2021: 21:00

Quadri 2022: 24.00

Quadri 2023: 25.00

Quadri 2024: 26.00

For Quadri Server log files

Now send the two zip files to support as requested. If the files are big, use the function in Quadri for Windows, under "Help", "Send to support".

Windows Explorer can also be started by pressing-and-holding the Windows button on your keyboard, then press “E” on your keyboard.

If the problem did not occur recently, then we recommend trying to reproduce the error as the files that are currently on your computer may not include the issue any longer.