Import Files

Use this procedure and the guide beneath it to import information from files to the Quadri model.

1. Click Import. A file browser opens automatically. 

Find it here:

  2. Browse to the files you want to import. Remember to specify the file type filter!

See File Formats that Quadri Supports for the data types you can import into Quadri:

The file browser can also be opened by the user, by clicking the Select File(s) button in the Input panel.

For some formats you can import multiple files of the same file type.

To handle the information from a specific file later, it is recommended to import one file at a time, since the import task keeps track of what was imported. If a set of files are considered to be “one package of information”, it is though efficient to import all in one operation.

4. In the Create Features panel, select Conversion Rules. 

You may select more than one conversion rule, where conversion rule no 1 is first used, then 2, and so on. If there is still information left to convert after conversion rule 1 is performed, then conversion rule 2 will be used, and so on, until either all information is converted, or all the conversion rules have been run through.

Information left after the conversion process is finished, will not be imported by default.

5. In the Coordinates panel, click Switch X/Y if you experience that the northing and easting (x,y) have been switched in the source file.

6. If the source file has geometry with a different coordinate reference system than the target Quadri model, a coordinate transformation needs to be performed before it is imported. This happens automatically, but you will get pop-up dialogues that explain what happens.

7. In the Features to Import panel, click Select Features to select features (types) that you want to import to the Quadri Model. Select by feature types and/or by location (area, e.g. make a polygon).

8. In the Finish panel, click Preview to see the data before it is imported.

You get two (temporary) plan windows:

What if nothing shows up in the Ready for Import plan window:

9. In the Finish panel, click Finish to perform the complete import process. If you click Finish without having used the Preview option, the information will be imported directly. This may save time during the import of larger files.

Import Files into Quadri