Account and License Management

Trimble Identity (TID)

Trimble Identity, or TID, is a way for you to log in to all things Trimble. The goal of Trimble Identity is to have a single way for you to access all of your products, services, and subscriptions under one email. See more here.

For questions on privacy please see our Privacy Center for more information. 

Create a TID

To create a Trimble Identity:

With TCPS, you can manage all your subscribed products. It is a service used by Quadri, Novapoint IDS, Novapoint GO, Trimble Connect, SketchUp, and more. 

Activate and Manage User Licenses

When subscribing to a product, a virtual 'contract' is created. The contract holds specific information about the terms of the subscription, e.g., Customer Name, Number of User Slots, List of Named Users, etc.

Learn more about how to activate and manage user licenses in these guides: Trimble Civil Product Services or Install and License Quadri.

Also see Prerequisites and Licensing.