CRS Validation

This function is part of the import functionality.

When a file is read during import, Quadri will check if the file has coordinate reference system (CRS) information. Not all file formats have this, some file formats may have CRS information, but do not need to have it. Sometimes the CRS information given is wrong.

During the reading of the file, a pop-up dialog with choices for how to handle CRS might be presented for you:

The file has no CRS information available

The file contains CRS information - is it correct?

Select whether to continue with the original CRS info from the file(s) - or to set another CRS.

Transformation is necessary to import the files

The file has a CRS that is different from the active Quadri model. To import this file a coordinate transformation has to be performed.

Transformation is not supported between the CRSs

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