Can not delete net element

While trying to delete a net element (directly or by deleting a task and answering yes to delete the results), you get a message about:

Disconnect objects from network

In the process pane you see messages like:

Can not delete task because feature ABC | 3.01 | DEF | GHI is connected to one of its network objects.

Start by cancelling the message dialog and double click the line in the process pane. That selects the object in question. Look in the preferences pane and see which task this object belongs to.

If the "Task" in properties is blank, you need to contact support to get this fixed. Use the description "Can not delete net element" and write which project this is in.

If a "Task" is listed, find it in the process tree and reserve it (you can e.g. copy the name from properties and enter it in the "Filter" box in the process tree). If it is a WS task, try to open it in CAD and rerun all calculations. Then open the construction dialog and run "Tools", "Clean up...". Then see if the original delete can be done. If not, you need to contact support as mentioned above.