Export to File

Use this function to export to file formats listed below:

See File Formats that Quadri Supports for the data types you can export from Quadri, plus:

Find it here:

During the export process, we refer to the active Quadri Model as the source and the file as the target.

When you do a file export you will get a task (export task) in the process model that documents what you did, in this case, which file you exported to, which point of time you did it, which conversion rule you used, the number of objects that were exported and more.

This opens the Export to file tool. Here, you will have to go through a series of steps to export a Quadri model to a file.


You can here select a template for the import. Novapoint provides a set of predefined templates that are available when creating a task.


In the Filter panel, click Select Features to select the feature (types) that you want to export from the Quadri model.

Select by feature types and/or by location (area, e.g. make a polygon). 


Here you can select the file format for the export. A settings dialog will appear for any format that has writer settings. See the sub-pages for format-specific settings.

Coordinate Reference System (CRS)

The Coordinate Reference System (CRS) tool has functions that operate on the coordinate system.

Change CRS

If you want a different CRS for your output file you can specify this by clicking the Change CRS button. The transformation of the CRS is run after the conversion of the features.

File Items

The Quadri model is an object-oriented model, that is, it consists of features like “GuardRail, CarriagewayEdge, Fence”. When exporting data to a file, the export process has functionality to change the objects into file items, e.g. to CAD layers. This transformation is based on a set of rules, called Conversion Rules.

The Conversion Rules are selected in the Select Conversion Rules dialog.

When the file is created, its Coordinate Reference System (CRS) is checked against that of the binder's CRS. If they don't match, you will be asked what to do through the CRS validation.



In the Finish panel, click Preview to see the data after conversion, but before it is exported.

You get a (temporary) plan window, Preview of created features. This window presents the data that has been successfully converted (and transformed, if a coordinate transformation was trigged).

If nothing shows up in the Preview of created features plan window, the reason might be:


Click Finish to perform the complete export to file.

If you click Finish without having used the Preview option, the information will be exported directly. This may save time during the export of large data.