Markers in BCF Topics

You can set out a marker in order to highlight the position in the model for the Topic.

Click on a marker to open the Topic details

When hovering over a marker in a 3D presentation, the name of the Topic will display in the selection information. The feature is available from Quadri version 2024.5

When clicking on a marker it will open the Topics details pane. The feature is available from Quadri version 2024.5

Configuration of markers

The marker will inherit the style of the type you have set to the Topic.

Learn more about configuring Topics types

The displaying of markers according to the type of the Topic is available from Quadri versions 2023.4e and 2024.4a. In older versions all markers are displayed as a standard geolocation marker.

Markers and presentation setup

Markers are currently shown in all drawing rules - this is valid from Quadri 2024.3

Older versions only support the Default presentation setup for viewing markers in your 3D model.