Temporary Model

Insert a temporary model from a subset of another model, and add it into the binder.

The function allows you to select only chosen tasks from the model and also to transform to the current model's CRS.

Find it here:

By default, it will be inserted and transformed to have the same CRS as the active model in the binder.

When finished, you will see in the active model that you have a "Temporary Model" task, and the temporary model itself will be open, but passive in the current binder.

You can now select tasks from the explorer from both models, and view them in Plan and 3D.

After you close your binder, the temporary model is removed from the binder. You will still have the Temporary Model task in the model that was current. If you view it in plan or 3D, then the temporary model will open up in the binder again. 

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