Customer Stories

Responsible for delivering civil infrastructure projects across Galway, the County Council’s engineering team has continued to digitize its approach in line with the ever-evolving industry, with Trimble Novapoint and Trimble Quadri now at the heart of its office.

As one of the world's leading firms regarding technical and environmental consultancy, WSP always strives to make its work processes even more effective and accurate. By nature, the business is software driven and the process of digital transformation is essential for the success of the company. Trimble Quadri is one of the main pillars in the digitization and success of WSP’s projects.

Road E20, one of the main roads between the east and west of Sweden, is currently upgraded on the part running through Västergötland. Between Göteborg and Skara, there are numerous ongoing projects on which Trimble Quadri is used as a common data environment and Trimble Novapoint is used as a design tool. Both contractors and designers are using the Trimble products; Veidekke is one of the contractors using both Quadri and Novapoint. 

Introducing the BIM concept in their daily work has led to significant gains regarding productivity, quality, and efficiency for Duna Aszfalt Zrt, one of Hungary's biggest local contractors with around 1600 employees. They have chosen two software solutions: Quadri and Novapoint, as their main tools to reach a full BIM, level 3 work process. 

Ramboll Finland reached a milestone in 2019 when designer and Quadri user Mikko Lonka opened the one thousandth Trimble Quadri project. Mikko and Juha Vartia, who are in charge of Ramboll’s environment and overall solution, provide insight into their experiences with Quadri.