Export to KOF

To succeed with the KOF export, you have to add attributes for the mapping file between the model and the KOF format so that the data sent goes to the correct columns.

NB! Minimum required is the attribute “FeatureCode” with a feature code value.

Note: If you have any notes to add to the geometry you can do this by adding the attribute “Note” followed by a value. The value can be mapped from a value from an attribute in the model or you can add the value in the conversion file. The attribute name must be written in upper and lower cases as described in this text.

To add an attribute you must select the page for showing attributes for each feature in the drop-down list. In the right table, select the row with “kofAttributeList” and add a name in the cell in the blue name column. Then you can map an attribute by selecting attributes from the cell in the green column Object attribute; if it has a sub-attribute, select the sub-attribute from the green column Name. Or you can add a value in the cell in the blue column “Standard value” (this will override a mapped value)

To add a new attribute list select the row where you have “kofAttributeList” and push the button” Add attribute” in the upper left corner on top of the attribute table.

Example of the KOF file