Relink a Model File in a Topic

If a Topic is created and a correct model file is not associated, you will be asked to relink a model file. This will typically occur in two scenarios:

A model was not selected when the Topic was created

When you create a Topic, you need to select at least one Trimble Connect model in order to get the views to work. If this is not done when saving the Topic - no view will appear.

When you open this Topics and try to add a View - you will get prompted to relink model.

Check which models are linked in the Models tab. Here you can also edit your model selection.

Your project has recently been migrated to a Connected Project

When an older project is migrated into a Connected Project, the old Quadri Topics will be migrated into BCF Topics. These fresh Topics will not have associations with any Trimble Connect models - they need to be relinked in order to get the existing (migrated) views to work.