Upload a Workset to Support

When we ask you to upload your workset to Support, we want to get your full project to be able to reproduce what you are experiencing. Have a look at the video showing how to do this.

Inside the Quadri for Windows/Novapoint application, we have solutions to help you do this operation. You find it in Help > Upload to support. The service requires that data sets and files are not opened by any application.

💡 If you want to continue working on another workset while uploading, you can start Quadri Viewer to do the upload. Quadri Viewer and Quadri for Windows can be open at the same time!

How to upload to support.mp4

Sign in

Sign in with your Trimble Identity/Vianova ID. If you do not have an ID - or have forgotten your credentials - click the link and follow the instructions: Create a Trimble ID

Selecting files

The upper left section will display two tabs:

Manually add files

Any file(s) can be added to the upload list. When manually selecting Novapoint DCM data sets, it is only required to select the binder file.


Backup or All files

In most cases, it is sufficient to upload only the Quadri Model Backup file. We recommend using Backup only as your primary selection. Size and upload time are more than halved, compared with uploading all files.

If your problem is related to, e.g., a crash when opening a model, you consider selecting All files. Confer with our support team before selecting this option. Size and upload time are more than doubled compared with uploading only the backup file.


When clicking the button, these processes will be activated:


When the above selection and information are in place, the Upload button will be enabled. When pressing the button, these processes will be activated:

If the upload or zip fails, please report this to Support. A workaround for the problem is to:

Note: We are not liable for files shared using 3rd-party solutions.