3D Presentation

Create a 3D presentation task if you need a permanent presentation that is stored with the model.

Create a 3D presentation

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO VIEW tab > Presentations group > 3D


You can specify transparency (0-100%) in a 3D presentation. For example, you can hide the part of a terrain that goes over a road. This way, you can avoid creating an additional triangulated ground surface with holes for the road, thereby preventing the model from becoming 'heavier' than necessary.

1. Select the transparency area. Objects (selected below) will be transparent inside this area.

In some cases, it is necessary to be more specific about what features to use for the transparency; this can will give a more flawless result for cutting the terrain away. For a road task, select the following features:

(Image below: an example from Novapoint 20)

2. Select the objects to set transparent inside the defined areas above.

For example, select the ground surface:

3. Set the transparency for the transparent objects. 100% is full transparency; 0% is no transparency (full opacity).

4. Select a presentation rule, preferably one where the ground surface has a filled texture, or WMS or orthophoto.

5. Click OK to finish.

Example with 40 % transparency

Example with 70 % transparency

Example with 100 % transparency

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