Unfortunately, having Quadri files in a directory that is under control of OneDrive, often gives trouble! Trimble is working on finding out exactly why, but it is a very complicated problem, since the symptoms are very variable and difficult to reproduce. We have very many support cases where moving files out from OneDrive control has fixed the problem.

Some companies report that they have had Quadri files on OneDrive for a long time without problems. Even though that is the case, Trimble will not follow up on any support case where Quadri files are on OneDrive, since we know that this is the cause of very many obscure problems! The customer will need to follow the below procedure to move the files out of OneDrive first. If the problem then continues, we will follow up the case. 

Until this is fixed, we recommend moving all Quadri files out of directories under OneDrive control.

The most common is that "My Documents" is controlled by OneDrive and therefore also the default folder "My Documents\Novapoint". To move this, do as follows:

To check if you really have moved everything, do some operations in Quadri for Windows in some workset, then press <ctrl>+<Shift>+<F12> to open the log file. Then search for "OneDrive". If there is any hit at all, you need to fix that!