BCF Topics Model Selection in Quadri 

If Trimble Connect is not actively used in the project and all the participants are using Quadri only, This section about Model Selection can be disregarded.

Views and Model Selection in BCF Topics

A BCF Topic relate to models in Quadri and Trimble Connect in different ways. When a new Topic is created, a view is automatically created. When you later click to open the Topic details, the viewpoint is activated:

Trimble Connect Models

When a new Topic is created in Trimble Connect, the main view will always get associated with the currently loaded models. These models are then automatically loaded when the Topic details are opened inside Trimble Connect. No Add Models option is available by default.

When a new Topic is created in Quadri, you need to select the models you want to associate with the Topic in order to also get a functioning View inside Trimble Connect. An Add Models option is available when creating a Topic in Quadri.

Follow these steps to associate Trimble Connect models to a Topic created in Quadri:

Edit the model selection

It is possible to adjust the selection of models in a Topic. 

Relink a model file

If a Topic doesn´t have a Trimble Connect model file associated - you may be prompted to relink the model - learn more about this.