Publish to DWG

Use this to send a plan presentation in Quadri to a DWG file where the original presentation settings are as well-preserved as possible.

Use this procedure:

1. Click DWG.

Find it here:

You can also choose to export to another file format using this button: 

2. Choose a template and give the task a name. Choosing a different template than the default one is optional.

3. Select the Plan Presentation to draw from.

4. Set a delimitation for the export to DWG.

Note: Please note that all objects that are partly or fully inside the delimitation will be exported with the full geometry.

5. Select a Color strategy to define what color the CAD features, not the CAD layer, will be drawn with:

Warning: What defines the CAD layer color?

The CAD layer names are defined in the Layer standard - mapping, mapping each drawing rule found in the Presentation Setup to a specific CAD layer name. If a drawing rule has data to draw, then a CAD layer name will be created and the color on the layer will be set to the 'Fill Color' found in that specific drawing rule.

Make a special note of it that in the case when two or more drawing rules, that contains data to draw, draws to the same CAD layer name, then the the 'Fill Color' of the first drawing rule will define the color of the CAD layer.

6. Select if you would like the data to be drawn as 3D data.

If not, all DWG entities will be drawn with z-value = 0.

7. Select a schema for the Layer standard - mapping.

This option is only available when what to draw is based on a pre-defined Plan Presentation, or the active view is a Plan Presentation.

In the 'Layer standard - mapping' dialog, it is possible to make connections between the Presentation Setup used, and the layer name to use in DWG.

8. Define the accuracy of the solid features.

Tip: If you run AutoCAD in parallel with Quadri, you can from the Novapoint menu inside AutoCAD, use an alternative command to draw a plan presentation from the Quadri model found in the Novapoint ribbon.