Long Section

Create a Long Section presentation task if you need a permanent Long Section presentation to be stored with the model.

Use this procedure to create a Long Section presentation:

1. Click Long Section

2. Select a template (optional).

3. Give the Long Section presentation a suitable task name.

4. Select a location in the process tree, or write a new location. If a summary task was selected before you clicked Plan, it will pick up this location. If not, the default will be the root task.

5a. Select a Baseline, or…

5b. Draw a Baseline using the Line or LineString command.

6. Change the start and/or end chainage, to shorten the section length (optional).

7. Change the bounding box of the section. All objects with point geometry that fall inside the box, will be projected onto the section.

8. Select what features you want to cut through. By default, this is set to all model content.

9. Select a presentation setup, that is, a drawing ruleset combined into one setup. The default presentation setup can be changed in Quadri Options.

10. Click OK.

The Long Section window will be loaded.

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