Use the function to reserve a task so that you can update it. That is, edit it or delete it or do other operations. Both the tasks themselves and (resulting) features will be reserved for you and locked for others until you release them.

Use this procedure to reserve tasks:

If one or several of the tasks are reserved by others, the dialogue Conflicting Reservations will show what tasks this is, and to whom it is reserved.

Tasks that looked available may have been reserved just before you tried to reserve them. You may update the reservation status if it is a long time since you had contact with Quadri.

Warning: Even if it is convenient to say that a task is reserved by some person, it is technically reserved by the workset downloaded by this person. Reservations are not personal. Example: If you first download a workset 1 and reserve task A, and then download a new workset 2 and try to reserve task A once more, you will be informed that this task is reserved by you (in workset 1).