Terminating Share due to fatal errors

There are 2 varieties of error messages that start like this:

Task changes

This error looks like this:

Terminating 'Share' due to fatal errors in some of the task changes you are trying to share.

One of the changed tasks contains result queries without a list of feature instances.

Please report this issue, which is due to an error in the client application tool

that created or updated the erroneous task, to Trimble Civil Support (civil.support@trimble.com).

When this happens, you need to send your workset to User Support, see: Upload workset to support. You can not continue working in this workset before you have gotten this fixed.

If the changes are minor, you could also disconnect this workset and download a new.

Object or net element changes

If the error is listed as:

...errors in some object or net element changes...

you should check the Process Pane, where you should see which objects have problems. You need to fix or delete these objects before you can try share again.