Open a Quadri Model

After starting Quadri,  you can open a Workset, a Single User Model, or a Binder.


When you join a Quadri project, you will have to download a workset for use on your local machine. This is done once when you start the work on a project; later, you open that same workset every time you want to continue your work on that project. Learn more about worksets.

This dialog provides information for each workset necessary to navigate among your worksets and eventually open one of them. 

Tip for Connected Project worksets:  An alternative and more streamlined way to open worksets comes with the introduction of Connected Project. From the page showing Connected Projects, you can open all your worksets in the same context as you are joining a project.

Single User Model

When you have created a Single User Model, you open it from here. Learn more about creating a Single User Model.


When you have created a Binder, you open it from here. Learn more about Binders and how to Create a Binder.

Recent Binders

Select any recently used and saved Binder by clicking a model thumbnail in the Recent Binders list. The image representing the model is retrieved from the active window when you save and close the model and/or Quadri.