Quadri 2022.3

Release date: 06.04.2022

NEW: The Dynamic Query is new/re-engineered from this version. There are now many more possibilities for grouping, filtering, and more. See the full function description here.

NEW: Update service. Informs the user with message if current version is not latest released.

NEW: New/updated icons (plan and 3D presentations).

NEW: Better feedback to users through error messages and process info (issues about opening and saving binder, graphics card/drivers).

FIXED: PropertySet Editor: Crash when editing in GRID, when PSET window is open, but not in EDIT mode.


NEW: Temporary model. Inserts a temporary model into the current binder. See full function description here.

NEW: Copy from model. Copy features from a model in the binder, and insert into the active model. See full function description here.

NEW: Import WFS, where you can import features from a WFS server. See full function description here.

ENHANCEMENT: Import LandXML: Possibility to select multiple alignments in settings, as a single LandXML file can contain multiple groups and multiple alignments within the group.

ENHANCEMENT: Import DWG: User gets warning that height offset applied is remembered when doing new imports.

ENHANCEMENT: Possibility to search for WMS and WMTS CRS'. Useful when WMS/WMTS supports huge amount of CRS'. If searching for exact text string, put inside quotation marks.

ENHANCEMENT: Updating existing WMS templates (swedish version)

FIXED: Inserting WMS or ortophoto falsly gave error message about not supported transformation (eg. Transformation from <Undefined> to Projected:5110 Vertical:5941 is not supported).

FIXED: Columns mapping in settings when importing CSV file.

FIXED: General bug fixes in DGN import

Conversion Rule Editor

NEW: Insert Rule, so you can insert a line in the middle.

NEW: Support for network extent.

start extent the relative extent value. From 0 to 1

end extent the relative extent value. From 0 to 1

start extent in meter the absolute extent value, equal to relative value times link sequence length

end extent in meter the absolute extent value, equal to relative value times link sequence length

start station the station number, must have alignment, if not, then it is the same as start extent in meter

end station the station number, must have alignment, if not, then it is the same as end extent in meter

NEW: Show duplicate rule. When editing standard Conversion Rules that has multiple definitions on an attribute, this is now shown in the UI.

ENHANCEMENT: Possibility to export more spatial attributes like max/mix gradient and max/min height.

FIXED: Crash when using *Edit Name.


FIXED: Volumes: Rock in daylight (subsurface depth = 0,00m) then fill is missing.

FIXED: Volumes: Crash when soil layer is above ground surface

FIXED: Move vertically: Line destroyed when calculation basis is two or more surfaces.


NEW: Rotate plan view. When the view is rotated, the “N” (north icon) turns red. Click it to orient back north. Click again to orient back to the previous rotation.

ENHANCEMENT: Topics markers performance. Now works much faster.

ENHANCEMENT: TIN RenderHandler now has the possibility to select the interval and adjust the colors on the presentation rule.

ENHANCEMENT: Better handling of WMTS, with time and Geotoken.

FIXED: Alignment with huge vertical radius looks messed up.

FIXED: RenderHandler SectionSurfaceCrossSlopeAndWidthInfo not remembering annotation conditions.

FIXED: Table view/presentation bug when you have classification.

FIXED: General bug fixes in Table view/presentation.


ENHANCEMENT: Export LandXML: Support Inframodel 4.0.4.

FIXED: Export LandXML: Clothoid radius start/end with infinity to have “INF”, not 0.0000.

FIXED: Leica Roadrunner: Vertical chainage for PVI is wrong

FIXED: Export extent attributes on features.

FIXED: Export KOF: Sometimes crashing.

FIXED: Export IFC: Crash when using classifications.

FIXED: Publish to FBX: Exported geometry in centimeters. Now it exports in meters.

FIXED: Publish to FBX: Not working when uploading directly to Trimble Connect

FIXED: Publish to DWG: Field codes not working when Active view is used.

FIXED: Publish to DWG: Active view for long section.

FIXED: Publish to DWG: Reading XLSX without schema fails in Layermapping.

FIXED: Publish to TrimBIM: When publishing to TRB, the transparency “cutting” gets wrong when viewing the file in Trimble Connect, even though it looks correct in Quadri.

FIXED: Publish to TrimBIM: Road marking gets vertical walls.


FIXED: SkethcUp connector: Remembers preview during swapping between QfW and SketchUp.

FIXED: SkethcUp connector: General bug fixes and improvements.