Quadri 2022.5

Release date: 08.07.2022

Click here for information about Known issues and Compatibility Breaks.


NEW: Refresh button in the Explorer that reloads the task and object trees when it is clicked.

ENHANCEMENT: Warning when workset cache folder has a long file path.

FIXED: Upload To Support. Altso changed content in the list to show list of projects, instead of binders. Mouse hover over projects will show the full path.

FIXED: General bug fixes in the new Dynamic Query.


ENHANCEMENT: Insert QuadriG4 with different versions - give better message.

FIXED: Reviewed and updated norwegian WMS templates with new URLs. “Norge i Bilder” template is removed as it has restrictive access.

FIXED: When importing a LandXML and the conversion file doesn't convert all features, Show Preview doesn't work.

FIXED: General bug fixes in WFS import.


FIXED: General bug fixes and improvments in volume tool.


FIXED: LandXML export to Leica bug when the road model is shorter than the alignment and starts after the start of the alignment.

FIXED: LandXML export did not handle the StaStart correctly. Now StaStart is not added into PVI.

FIXED: Publish 3DPDF don't work when you have 3D presentation with unicode characters, like Chinese.

FIXED: Publish KML: Surfaces not exported.

FIXED: Publish FBX: Geometry not in the same location as in the TrimBIM file

FIXED: Publish FBX: Improvement to the structure in the published model.

FIXED: Publish FBX and TrimBIM: Possibillity to add a prefix before the nodes, so make even better structure.


ENHANCEMENT: Add combo box widget for selecting alignments when using Rotate Plan View.