Quadri 2022.7

Release date: 01.11.2022


NEW: Zoom to Area of Interest.

FIXED: Updated BaneNOR process template with the correct name.

FIXED: Generic attributes not removed when erasing rows in task

FIXED: General bug fixing and enhancements


NEW: Insert TrimBIM as Referenced Data.

FIXED: Misc. issues with GML import.

Conversion Rule Editor

NEW: Added Conversion Rules for SOSI 4.6.

ENHANCEMENT: Show a drop-down icon for value fields that contain ENUM values.

FIXED: Make Conversion Rule Editor dialogs floating when exporting

FIXED: Priority order on CR dialogs

FIXED: Multi-destination not detected in the UI.

FIXED: General bug fixes


FIXED: General bug fixes with ground surface modelling

FIXED: Auto-generate Width in Sweep


FIXED: When publishing to TrimBIM, a line with, e.g., DashDot is ignored. Now it draws correctly.