Quadri 2022FP1

Release date: 2021-12-13


ENHANCEMENT: Inconsistency with Recent Used Task Queries. Some tasks where not listed. Also fixed dialog compression.

FIXED: When changing a conversion file with an updated in the Project Rules, it does not update when the filename is identical.

FIXED: Check mark in Dynamic Query is back, showing that tasks or features have been selected


NEW: Added support for importing DXF-format in Import (and Present As)

ENHANCEMENT: Problems with inserting WMS when wrong protocol version used. Added option to select protocol version

Conversion Rule Editor

ENHANCEMENT: Regular Expression support for for sub-attributes, to use when having multiple attributes with similar names.

FIXED: General bugfixes in Conversion Rule Editor


ENHANCEMENT: Move vertically support lowest/highest surface priority

ENHANCEMENT: Overlapping outer boundaries is not supported in Ground Surface

ENHANCEMENT: General enhancements in Ground Surface tool

FIXED: Move vertically destroys line when calculation basis is two or more surfaces


ENHANCEMENT: Improve performance in SpreadSheet in Table View presentation

FIXED: General bugfixes in Table View presentation

FIXED: Renderhandler for text shows too many decimals when presenting in the windows. Now shows exactly as defined in the value of the property

FIXED: Crash when zoomed far out when using Dynamic Section

FIXED: Objects with built-in textures, like road signs, only displayed in one 3D-window at the time, and disappear when multiple window activation

FIXED: When viewing a Slope surface task with no data on it, together with a task that has geometry, you still don't see any data.


ENHANCEMENT: Added Render handler RailRoad, to show sleepers in TrimBIM (Trimble Connect and Quadri for Browser), 3D tiles, 3DPDF, etc

ENHANCEMENT: See-through textures like fences now looks correct when publish to TrimBIM

FIXED: When publishing TrimBIM to Trimble Connect, you get multiple “Error layer name not found”, and random layerstructure

FIXED: After publish to TrimBIM, not all layers can be shown/hidden

FIXED: Road Marking objects with holes are not correctly published to TrimBIM

FIXED: Grid terrain with draped ortophoto not working when publish to TrimBIM

FIXED: When publishing TrimBIM, the 3D presentation is sometimes blue

FIXED: General bugfixes with publish to TrimBIM

FIXED: When exporting to QuadriModel and doing a selection of features, all tasks are exported even though not selceted

FIXED: General bugfixes with IFC export

Quadri Connector for SketchUp

FIXED: SketchUp Connector crashes when using SketchUp desktop, while SketchUp is not installed

Quadri Connector for Quest

ENHANCEMENT: General Quest connector enhancements