Quadri 2022FP2

Release date: 09.02.2022


NEW: Trimble Geodetic Library (TGL) is from this version used for all configurations, previously only used in US config.

When creating a new model, all CRS' are made as “compound CRS”, meaning horizontal and vertical CRS is combined, and have their own EPSG code. All rare used combinations are removed from templates, like vertical NN54 (Norway). They are now found under Published or Custom CRS.

When importing and doing CRS transformation, the user interface is new/updated.

NEW: This version is ready for the upcoming and improved Quadri Cloud, using Common Project Definition in Trimble Connect

NEW: When joining project, all existing projects will now we found under the “Project on Server” button

FIXED: Measure Distance tool gets endpoint-snap symbol displaced/moved

ENHANCEMENT: General enhancements on bugs and performance


FIXED: General bug fixes in IFC import

FIXED: Insert point cloud would sometimes crash if to many point clouds inserted at the same time

Conversion Rule Editor

FIXED: Edited RegExp settings deleted hitting SAVE-button


ENHANCEMENT: Export to TrimBIM in QfW2022 is slow. Caused by slow collection of Classifications tasks. Made the export of Classification data optional in task setting, and default off

ENHANCEMENT: Batch exporting with transformation

FIXED: Crash when publishing DWG with 3D

FIXED: Information missing from Settings when exporting to SOSI

FIXED: Lines not exported when publish KML

FIXED: Exporting LandXML, the Alignment StartPOB is always at 0.000m

FIXED: Can't upload 3DPDF directly to Trimble Connect

Quadri Connectors

FIXED: Crash in SketchUp for Browser