Property Set

Property Set is a tool where you edit attribute values on selected feature types in a Quadri model with a customized* feature catalog.

*) Use Quadri_Configuration to create Property Set in a new custom Feature Catalog (FC) based on a standard Quadri FC, and Trimble_Connect to update FC for the active Quadri model.

Enable PSET editing

Click the receive button and download a new workset after the model is updated in Trimble Connect with the new FC. Check the explorer window that the FC is updated, and presented with a new name and version number.

Insert a Property Set task

The first time a task is edited, the PropertySet Editor window displays an empty template “PSET_Template1”.

To fill the window; make a graphical selection (Window, Crossing, in combination with Ctrl), or by Dynamic Selection. The template will present the basic property group; Common and Stations.

PSET Editor buttons

Customize your own PSET Template

To customize your own template, click the Column button [3] and select/deselect property groups and properties. 

Select the Custom PropertySet from the list. The PSET-column will be added in the window.

Save the changes by clicking Save to Template [6], and enter a new template name.

Edit PSET attribute values

Select features graphically, or by Dynamic Query [2].

To edit a feature type, mark one, or multiple (select down in list + shift) lines, and click the Edit button [7].

Edit "value column":