Use this to delete tasks and features in the model.

1. Select the items you want to delete. You can delete tasks and features. Tasks you normally select in the Explorer, while features can be selected graphically in addition.

2. Click Delete. 

Find it here:

Or press the Delete key on your keyboard. A delete dialog pops up. 

The possibilities in this dialogue depend on what you have selected:

Deleting tasks

When you delete tasks, you are asked if you also want to delete the result of the tasks.

Check for this if you want to also delete the features, default this is off.

If you do not delete the resulting features of a task, it might be that there is no task that has these features as its result any longer.

Also, remember that a set of features can be the result of more than one task:

Feature A is now the result of two different tasks. The date and time of the task tell the “process story” of this feature now.

Deleting features

When you have selected features, you are just asked to confirm the deletion.