IFC 4.3 Import/Export

IFC 4.3 File Import/Export is supported from Trimble Quadri Version 2023.1

Trimble® Quadri v 2023.1 now supports import and export of IFC 4.3 files. In addition, Quadri supports the IFC 4.3.1 schema available in the buildingSMART International IFC specification database.

Supported domains

The following domains are supported when using the conversion files for import and export shipped with this release:

These domains are also supported in the association configuration file for spatial structure and functional systems described below.

Included conversion rules

These conversion rules are now available with Quadri v 2023.1:

Spatial breakdown structure and functional system

In an IFC file, the spatial breakdown structure is the main sorting method for the content in the file. In addition, the concept of functional systems, like freshwater distribution systems or storm water systems, is important. Currently Quadri v 2024.1 does not support these concepts in the same way as IFC does, so these structures must be defined in the process of exporting the IFC file.

A new tab for defining the spatial breakdown structure and functional systems has been added to the IFC Export Settings dialog:

Using this tab, you can open and edit the association configuration file shipped with the release. In this configuration file, you can define both the spatial breakdown structure and functional systems to be contained in the exported IFC file. We have created a dialog that reads the file and allows for easy editing. 

If you just want to use the default spatial structure and functional systems defined in the configuration file shipped with the release, then you do not need to make any changes in the Settings dialog.

Check more here: Relationship Config

Survey data

In the IFC schema, survey data is represented as ifcAnnotation entities. In Quadri, these survey lines and points are partly integrated in the solid geometry, as is the situation for water and sewer models.

When exporting IFC 4.3 files and using the conversion files shipped with the release, survey lines and points for road, water, and sewer models are separated out in ifcAnnotation entities and grouped together, as defined in the association configuration file.

If you, for some reason, want to import IFC files that have previously been exported from Quadri back into Quadri, these survey lines and points are integrated back into their respective objects by using the import conversion rules shipped with Quadri v2023.1.

Export from Quadri to IFC 4.3