Automation - a Quick start guide

Below, you will learn how to use the Automation tool. The Automation tool can assist you in many tasks.
We highly recommend using the Automation tool to add information to objects. 

To use the Automation tool, go to the Modeling tab, and then click on the Automation button. 

When opening a task, we should start by specifying the name and selecting the location where the task will be saved in Explorer. 

2. Select Data

Next, we should choose the data we want to work with. The most popular choice is "All data in the model" or using "Select from dynamic query." 

In the first case, it means that we consider all objects in Quadri. When working on a server, it implies that only the objects we have reserved are being considered. 

In the second case, for selecting objects, we use Dynamic Query, which is employed in the same way as in other tasks. 

3. Create Rule Set

The next step is to create a "Rule Set." This is nothing more than a collection in which we will be saving our rules. 

4. Create Rule

In this step, we create a new rule in the "Rule Set" collection or edit an existing one.

To see how to create a rule, go to the "Rule" page. 

5. Select and Run Rule

To execute the automation process, select the rule and press the "Run Rules" button. 

6. Finish and Save Task

Finally, save the task so that you can return to it in the future.