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Welcome to the help site for Trimble Quadri software

Trimble Quadri software is a collaborative platform for infrastructure projects that allows real-time collaboration in a central model. Access the model from anywhere, at any time, and in any project, using your favorite design tool. See the larger context in the Civil Construction & Infrastructure Solutions Community.

Here you will find useful topics and guides on how to best use your software. You can either navigate through the menu on the left or search for specific subjects using the search icon at the top right of each page. 

Navigating the Menu

The table of contents includes these chapters:

Get Started - Build your understanding and get up-and-running with Quadri for Windows.

Quadri for Windows - Find descriptions of all the tools, sorted by the different tabs in the software. You will also find documentation of IFC 4.3 and various other help topics.

Quadri Connectors - See documentation, compatibility information, and more for all of the connectors.

Shared Model - Find documentation for Connected Projects and On-Premise projects.

Tutorials and Videos - View an array of tutorials, videos, and a link to our Quadri YouTube channel.

Support and FAQs - Find support notes, troubleshooting topics, error messaging, and more.

Downloads and Release Notes - Download the latest versions of Quadri for Windows and the Quadri Connectors, Find release notes, installation guides, and system requirements.

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