Problems Logging In


1. Do you have connection to internet? Check by opening some web page.

2. Du you have the IP-address or domain name to the server? It should be on the format 111.222.333.444 or (or similar). If you do not know, check with someone else who has a connection to this server.

3. Check the IP-address or domain name by opening an internet browser and opening these addresses:




The part showed as "address" should be replaced with the IP-address or domain name.

4. When you reach the server correctly, you should get login directly on that page or you are redirected to a page with an address starting with If the latter is the case, this server uses Trimble Identity (TID). Then you need a TID to get access. Read more about this here: Trimble Identity.

If that did not help, check this about your specific version:

Problems logging in with Quadri for Windows

Problems logging in with Novapoint 21

Problems logging in with Novapoint 20

If this does not help and your server uses TrimbleID, check that you can log into with your user name and password. If that does not work, try "Forgot password".

In addition to a TID, you will on many servers also need a Quadri license to get access. Previously each server had a license per user. On newer servers, the license is personal and you need to be assigned a license from someone to your TID.

If you still have problems, contact User Support.