The Administrators menu is only visible if Quadri is set up with users from Trimble ID and not Embedded Quadri users or users from Active Directory.

On this page, you can invite other users to become Model Manager administrators on the server. Add an email address to the textbox and click the Invite button.

The user will receive an email with a button to accept the invite and when the button is clicked, the user will get administrator access to Model Manager. The invitation is valid for 24 hours.

You can invite several users by adding the email addresses separated by a semicolon to the textbox.

In the list, you can see the status of all users invited to be Mode Manager administrators. If you want to remove a user from the list, select the user and click the Delete button.

Add the first administrator: By default on a new server, is set as Model Manager administrator. You have to sign in with this Trimble ID (the password will be in the Welcome email) and invite yourself to be a Model Manager administrator. When the invitation is accepted and you are a Model Manager administrator, remove from Model Manager administrators.

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