Upgrade Models

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Server > Maintenance > Upgrade Models

When you upgrade the schema version, all the models with the same main Quadri version will automatically be upgraded to the correct schema version.

If you want to upgrade a model from one main Quadri version to a newer Quadri version, for example from version 2 (with Novapoint 20) to version 3 (with Novapoint 21), you can do that on this page.

Select the version you want to upgrade to from the dropdown. Then select one or more models in the list of unavailable models and click the Start Upgrade button.

Be aware that if you upgrade a model from 2 to 3, you also have to change from Novapoint 20 to Novapoint 21.

When a model is upgraded, you can download a log by clicking the model in the model list and selecting Modify and Model Information. Select Model Upgrade Log and click Download to see that the upgrade went ok.