Quadri for Browser (user)

Quadri for Browser gives you an overview of all your Quadri projects in one map and lets you easily navigate between them.

Project overview

The Project Overview shows all Projects available for you in Quadri. Project Overview contains 3 panels: Projects, Map, and My Topics.

The Projects pane shows all my available Projects that can be accessed in Quadri for Browser. For locating your project it’s possible to search. It's also possible to go directly to Dashboard, Presentations, Maps, and Topics by clicking on the buttons below.

The map in the middle gives you a project overview with a stamen map background. Selected plan presentations (Maps) can be available in this view of your Quadri projects.

This panel shows you all the Topics assigned to you, across all projects ordered by date (Most recent on top)

Search project list. All projects can be searched for here.

Real-time popup

There is a real-time popup in Quadri that will appear on the maps when someone shares updates to the Quadri Project, a new or updated Presentation is published or a new Topic or Comment is shared to the model. By clicking on the popup you will be sent directly to the corresponding subject.


The Dashboard shows all key information of your Quadri project. The different panels will be updated in real-time as new tasks and presentations are shared to the project.

Project info

Shows your location, name, and CRS that the model currently uses.


Show all the different tasks that belong to your project. The description of the Share operation in Quadri for Windows will be shown in the Timeline.

It’s also possible to export the timeline to a PDF or CSV file.


3D presentations published to Quadri can be opened and inspected. In this window, you will see the 3D Presentation name, time, and the date the presentation was published to Quadri.


A live Task tree in Quadri shows the hierarchy and tasks in the project. It’s possible to expand the hierarchy like in Quadri for Windows.


Quadri Topics are based on the BCF standard from buildingSMART. Topics are location-based issue tracking that can represent questions to a solution in the model, any clarification, with notifications and alerts across anyone in the project team. In many ways, topics have taken over the role of the title block in the drawings. Topics can be stored in a vendor-neutral format (BCF), and thus be used as a part of the model's formal documentation.

Project Users

All project users can be seen in this panel.


All 2D Presentations (Maps) that are published to Quadri for Browser in the project. It’s possible to add (upload) a KML Map file.

It’s possible to change the background map source from Stamen to Bing Maps. It’s also possible to switch the different maps published from Quadri for Windows

on and off.


All attachments added to the task in the model are shown in this pane.